About Us


Thyagi Leon Prouchandy Memorial Sangam(TLPMS) has been founded in Pondicherry in the year 2004, to perpetuate the memory of Thyagi Leon Prouchandy, who allied with the movement started in south-east Asia by Subhas Chandra Bose to free India from the foreign yoke in the 1940s. He contributed a lot to the success of the movement at Saigon in Vietnam and paid the price for it at the end of the Second World War.

This Sangam or Association has also the objective to perpetuate the memory of DarmanathanProuchandyand SaverikannuProuchandyof Pondicherry. The former was the first Tamilian to found a steam navigation line in French Indochina, much before the foundation of the Si.Vacompany and the Swadeshi steam Navigation Company, initiated by V.O.Chidambaram in 1906 in Tuticorin. He can be rightly called as the ‘PuducheriKappalOttiyaThamizhan’. SavarikannuProuchandy is the nephew of DarmanathanProuchandy. He was a self-made man and philanthropist in Vietnam. He was businessman, landlord and agriculturist. The FrenchGovermenthonoured him with the title of ‘Chevalier du MériteAgricole’ for his contribution to the development of society.

Our Vision

  • To Perpetuate the memory of Thiyagi Leon Prouchandy
  • To Organise conferences and meeting regarding the history and culture of Pondicherry
  • To institute a prize in the name of Leon Produchandy and give award to the best two books in Tamil , English and French once in three years, for writers from Pondicherry State
  • To publish books, Booklets and tracts regarding the history and culture of Pondicherry
  • To publish books regarding sacrifices done by Thyagi Leon Prouchandy in the cause of obtaining Independence for India and Pondicherry
  • To organise conferences to remind the services rendered by Thyagi Leon-Prouchandy, for developing the Tamil Community
  • To promote the Tamil Language and Tamil Culture
  • To foster and strengthen Indo-French Relations
  • To establish schools and educational institutions in the name of the Prouchandys
  • To indulge in charitable activities
  • To establish a memorial for Thyagi Leon Prouchandy in Pondicherry, for his sacrifices for the country's freedom
  • To rename the harbour of Pondicherry in the name of Darmanathan Prouchandy, the first steam navigator of Pondicherry and south India